A Robot In My Workplace An Advantage or Disadvantage?

As technology is developing at a rapid speed, we can't help but ask the question: Are Robot Going To Take Over Our Jobs, Will artificial intelligence make it even easier? How will automation really affect the global workforce and economy? Will automation free our time for leisurely pursuits? Or will we get even busier? and many more questions which may arise

Robots were once known only for the manufacturing business but today they are very much part of many workplaces. Artificial Intelligence is making the Future looking even more promising.

Imagine a robot doing most of the major tasks of managers like using data to evaluate problems, making better decisions, even setting goals, and monitoring team performance.

Now that the corporate world is also on the apex of entering the robotic age, let’s see what advantage and disadvantage this technology offers the business world.


  1. The first and the foremost advantage of having robots in workplaces is their cost. Robots are much cheaper than humans and their cost is now decreasing.
  2. Better decision making: In this era of information overload, the human brain is inept of processing the vast sea of data to translate information into knowledge.
  3. Robots are significantly stronger and faster than average humans. 
  4. Robots are programmed by humans; hence they cannot refuse an order and can be also used for any dangerous and unwanted work where humans may deny to offer their services. For example, many robotic probes have been sent into space but have never returned.
  5. A robot never get tired of tasks which they have been programmed to do and can work 24x7, The human brain gets tired if it’s working continuously
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  1. Robots can certainly handle their prescribed tasks, but they typically cannot handle unexpected situations/mundane tasks.
  2. Robots installed in workplaces still require manual labour attached to them. Training those employees on how to work with the robots definitely has a cost attached to it.
  3. If ultimately robots would do all the work, and the humans will just sit and monitor them, health hazards will increase rapidly. Obesity will not be far from the list.
  4.  It is said that a Robot saves time, but when in a situation where a robot malfunctions you would require extra time to fix it/them.