Can i get rich with technology?

The question can i get rich with technology is a little bit conning, the question people should be asking is that how can i harness the wealth of technology.

In the era we are in Technology is the fastest way to make money, Yes i said it it is indeed the fastest way to make money with its never ending opportunity creation, weather it is blogging, video edition/creation and many more. So the answer to that question is YES technology can make you rich all you have to do is understand how it works.

The main goal of getting rich with technology is to find a problem and then provide a solution, Facebook was not the first social media platform but it is now the most popular media platform because it brought about a solution no other social media could,  neither was apple the first company to produce an mp3 player but it also brought about a solution that its competitors didn't.

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Or rather still you can find a solution and make it better ( what i mean is find a solution that has been provided and make i better ).

I consider the five steps below the key to making money.

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Five Steps To Getting Rich 

  1. Stop obsessing about money:  Make money a by product and not your main goal. in other words shift your perspective.
  2. Create a list of people you help in every possible way: by doing so yo get to track their progress and see how you affected their lives, weather in a positive or negative way, because the success of people you help is also your own.
  3. Stop thinking of millions you can make and start thinking of millions yo can serve:When you have only a few clients and your goal is to make a lot of money, you're incented to find ways to wring every last dollar out of those customers.
    But when you find a way to serve a million people, many other benefits follow.
  4. See making money as a way to make more things.
  5. Make it your goal to do one thing better than anyone: Excellence is its own reward, but excellence also commands higher pay, greater respect, greater feelings of self-worth, greater fulfillment, a greater sense of achievement... all of which make you rich in non-monetary terms.