20 Ways To Improve Your Online Presense

Increasing your online presence is absolutely crucial to the success of your business. Everyone knows the value of social media and search engine optimization, but few people know the tips and tricks that make some campaigns succeed and others fail. Regardless of your industry, all businesses should be doing the following tips.

20 Ways To Improve Your Online Presense

20 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

1. Start a Blog
2. Create a Twitter Account. Add the “Follow Me” Button to your website.
3. Tweet more often. Tweeting a few times per DAY is optimal. (Remember, tweets fade quickly!)
4. Update your Facebook page more often.
5. Hold a social media contest. (Giving away downloads & pre-released content works great!)
6. Use press releases. Plenty of free PR distribution sites are available.
7. Outreach to bloggers, ask for backlinks.
8. Build a user friendly landing page.
9. Install an analytics & tracking platform such as Google Analytics or StatCounter.
10. Invest in Search Engine Optimization.
11. Track your rankings, make sure they steadily increase.
12. Post helpful content for customers in your niche. (How-to guides, tutorials, instructions, tips)
13. Allow comments on your content. (Watch out for spam)
14. Interact with people, answer their questions. Make people have a reason to follow you.
15. Add a feedback from on your site. Actually use the feedback you get.
16. Collect E-mails and start E-mail marketing. Offer great promotions to yield higher open rates.
17. Split test your E-mail marketing campaigns.
18. Try Pay Per Click advertising. Don’t give up early, it takes time to refine.
19. Create an infographic. Share it on infographic distribution sites.
20. Post to your blog more often. At least twice per week is ideal. (see number 1)

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