Change Your Name On Facebook After Limit/ Change Your Facebook Name.

How to change name on Facebook after limit

Most time we all have a feeling that we need to change our Facebook name, or you might be the type that likes changing your Facebook name. you must have noticed or been aware of the 60days (sixty-days) policy, which hinders Facebook users from changing their names frequently, although the reason for this policy is to prevent or secure your account from hackers.

The sixty-days(60days) policy hinders you from changing your name within the time limit, but we have figured out a way that lets you change your name within that particular time. This procedure was meant for those whose account was hacked but if you also which to change your name to something cool you can as well use this method. Follow my tutorial to the end an you will be able to Retrieve your account immediately if hacked and also change your Facebook name.

Change Your Facebook Name After Limit or After You Have Been Hacked

Using this method you will only be able to change the name on Facebook which you have used earlie

1. The fisrt is step is to, Click on this link:

2. Now it will ask for your password. Simply enter the password of your Facebook profile.

3. After that click on continue. Now it will display the name which you used earlier on the platform. Choose the real name from the list and click next button.

That’s it. You will get a confirmation screen that your name has been changed.

How To Change Your Name On Facebook After 60 Days Limit

1. Go through your account setting and change the name from the list of your earlier name.

2. Now go to Facebook setting and deactivate your account.

3. In the reason, Select this ''My Account Was Hacked''.

4. Now you will get a option to secure your account and follow the mentioned steps on the following page.