How to disable comment by public Audience on Facebook

How to disable comment by public Audience on Facebook

Personally i love the feature on Facebook that allows you post publicly, because it is usually helpful when you are trying to promote a particular business and if such you would like the use of reaction, public likes, and even comment. But the default setting of Facebook allows only your friends and friend of friends to comment on your public post, which is a good feature, because it provides a good layer of security to our posts and also help keep out all the nosy strangers and stalkers away from our public posts.

How to disable comment by public Audience on Facebook

But when you are trying to promote a business,blog post or selling a product or service, you would probably want the post to be visible to the entire public and also visible for the for comment purposes. Then you probably need to change the privacy setting of your account. if you seem to be having problems doing so, put a smile on you face because, that is exactly what this tutorial is about.

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On Android

The First step is to tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of your app. Open Settings of your Facebook account.

Secondly: Tap on account settings

Thirdly: Go to public posts

Finally: You will find a setting called ‘Public Post Comments’. This section shows you who can comment on your public posts. By default the people who can post comments on your public posts are ‘Friends of Friends’. You can change the people who can comment. Simply tap on Public, Friends, or Friends of Friends.

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That’s all!
Note: You can follow the same steps for the iOS version of Facebook.

On PC.

First click on the little arrow after the quick help icon


Secondly: click on settings
Thirdly: Select public posts
Finally: A setting called public posts comment would be there, all you have to do is select edit and change it to the setting of your choice.