I want to reactivate my facebook account!

Reactivation of facebook account is quite simple and requires only a single step.

Before we begin let me tell you a big welcome back to facebook

Deactivated accounts are just like a freeze on your account, it does permanently delete your Facebook account. In this article, we will show you how to unfreeze your FaceBook account.

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reactivate facebook account

Reactivating Facebook means your friends will reappear in your friends list again and any new status updates you write will start showing up in your friends' news feeds and your friends will be able to tag you in their posts.

The below reactivation instruction is only valid if your account was deactivated, not if your account was permanently deleted from Facebook. If you're not sure what you've done, either go ahead and follow these steps to see if you can get back in or understand the difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account

Reactivate Facebook Account

Sign in to Facebook at Facebook.com, logging in with the two boxes at the very top right of the screen. Use the same email and password you used when you last signed into Facebook.
​That's it! Now, while that is really simple, it's possible you don't even remember your Facebook password. In that case, you reset it:

Just below the login fields is a link called Forgot account?. Click that and then type the email address or phone number you have associated with your account. You might need to answer some other identifiable information before Facebook will let you in.

Yay!!! You have just reactivated your Facebook account and restored your old profile the moment you successfully logged back into Facebook.

Facebook will interpret any sign-in to mean that you want to use Facebook again, so it will immediately reactivate your account.